Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vegetarian cake finally!

I have been baking cakes but haven't had the time to upload pics. New things happening in new year & I'm busy with those one one side. Anyway let me get to the Vegetarian cake - I'd never imagine making one, since everyone I know take eggs & have no issue having a cake that's made with egg. The exception now would be my colleagues. A majority does not take egg & so if I bring in a cake at work, i'd have to make a vegetarian one. Found a few replacements & finally tried out Flax seed as replacement in my Vanilla Pound cake recipe.
I must say it takes good even without the eggs :-) so maybe i'll go more healthy & avoid eggs next time around?

The thing I liked about the ground flax seed in the cake is that it didn't give out any odd taste plus I din't even know egg was not there. The cake came out soft & tender just like it would, had I used eggs.