Sunday, August 10, 2014

Never too late to start something new!

Well my obsession with sewing has had chance to be indulged in. Did I say chance? Well the thoughtful, loving and ever so patient husband gifted me the sewing machine for this Birthday!!! Yay!!!...

It is amazing when I get to see the product I had in my mind in tangiable form. Satisfaction or sense of accomplishment, call it whatever you will - I think that is what we call as artistic pleasure. When mumma is hit by Sewmania, kids get new clothes... like the ones below

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hope dawns

With every passing day,  I realise I'm not growing younger. And this thought drives me to go on and do the things I want to do, make my children laugh harder and help them love stronger...
So anyway, I went to Raja market on Monday and went to the shop 'Mahendra Novelties'. They had almost everything I wanted from poly fill to what looked like polyester batting. That's where I'm headed when I need sewing supplies.

Mahendra Novelties +918022263651.