Thursday, January 28, 2016

Moving on to oil pastels - wait, what?

Yup, that's right oil pastels... Ya, what is with that now? Let's just say I've been wanting to try doing some "art" work so I'd got a box of 50 oil pastels. And I tried some things out. It's not great but I liked doing it....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dry year?

I have not started on any project as yet. I think I've hit a "phase"... I haven't got back in the mood or is the "frame of mind" to start on any projects. Besides that, I've been busy around the house with the cleaning /cooking etc. Haven't had much time to even blog :-). Lots of things going on in my head. Decisions to be taken... Let's see.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Passing days

I haven't started on any project as  yet. Have been busy with kids, school, hubby's fracture etc. I need the quite to start planning on projects and as of now, hubby's working from home - which means my "work room" is not available :-). Will post when I complete the next project. Till then.... adios...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Phones and pics

Lots have been happening and I haven't been able to sit down and pen down everything. For the last year I was using my 6 inch Lenovo phone (phablet?) and the best thing about it was the battery. I had a Samsung before and everything about it was fine except the battery! The phone would run out of juice before the day ends and that is not "typically" a good thing, especially when one work late in the night / early morning and need to reach loved ones in the wee hours. But the Lenovo was great on that front. The battery keeps going the whole day through even with Wi-Fi on 24 hours. But I had other issues with the phone and the repairs were covered under warranty. Basically, twice the phone went for repair and each time it took between 1 - 2 weeks. And not having an Android phone for that long gets hard once you are used to having it 24/7 :-). And then there was the camera problem. The other weakness of the phone was its camera. The 8MP camera of Lenovo was nowhere near the Samsung S III's 8 MP. The camera was just bearable that is all - basically no sharpness, no life to the pictures.
To cut the long story short, by December by Lenovo was dying - charging issues, network connectivity issues, not able to lock my service provider etc. So most of the time when people try to get in touch with me they get the "switched off / not available" message. And then due to my stupidity I got the screen cracked. I had a silicon casing for the phone which is pretty sturdy and has kept the phone intact after accidental falls. So in terms of protection there was not issue. So when hubby got a gift voucher from his workplace he thought I should get a new phone. I wanted him to get a new phone coz he has been carrying a 4.5 inch teeny tiny android with a cracked screen. But he thought I should get one since I'm the one who is usually takes a lot of pictures, especially the things I've made or sewn etc. Sooooooooo, we got the Redmi Note Prime and so far I'm fine with it. I am a little concerned with the battery that I've got because it is running out of juice too fast. For a 3100mAh, it is getting exhausted fast and that too with minimal Wi-Fi connect.  Anyway I'm loving the pictures I'm able to get with the Mi's 13MP camera!

Some 2015 Christmas / Year end pics with my sweetums.

The first project of 2016

This was one of the projects I had slated to finish last year, before the school reopens after winter vacation. Finally got around to doing it the night before school reopened! I had all the pieces cut and kept ready. As soon as fund became available, I decided to go and get the supplies necessary to complete the project. And here it is....

I used the same Pink bag fabric with hearts on it. I wrote an "N" and a crown of top of it with Glitter glue on the front pocket.

The mesh pouch at the side for bottles or other things she may want to put away
The mesh pouch on the other side as well
And the back of the bag. The shoulder pads are padded with foam and a layer of waterproof fabric and the mesh net. I have added the tiny strap on top just in case we want to carry the  bag in hand. The length of the strap can be adjusted.

So far my girl is fine with the bag. I haven't done anything fancy with the bag interior. There is no partition inside. Maybe I will attempt that the next time around.