Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life goes on

Where have I been the past two years? What happened? Simple answer is - Life happened, with all its twist and turns.

Two fractures and one childbirth ought to say it succinctly. Had the restlessness disappeared? The hunger and thirst to create to explore new forms of creativity? Not a chance! I haven't changed a bit. Creative ideas gnaws every now and then and I indulge in the respective activity. Only difference is that I've not taken the time to post those. Time hadn't been a friend lately. Busy office hours, family etc means I take less time in front of the laptop.

Well new ideas are presenting themselves and I'm showing signs of taking up a new hobby.  I've been busy researching concerning my latest passion. I'm keen on taking up sewing. Mum used to sew when I was young. She still has her machine and it's fully functional too.  I don't recall how the urge to start sewing came up, but it did and now I can't seem to stop thinking about it.
I managed to sew a dress and a top for my girl. I am pleased with that. If so much can be done by hand sewing, machine is going to be way better. It's a a quite confidence that I have. Will have to wait and see after I get my machine...