Sunday, February 6, 2011

Delicious Deserts

Happy 2011! Oh well I am a little late in wishing that, I know! 2011 started out with all good things wrapped up in a bundle & handed down by a good God :-). I have been caught up with the latest development in my life, a job - a real one I must say. And so blogging has taken the back seat. I'm posting now b'coz Aliena's got the Delicious Deserts event happening & I thought I'd send two of my goodies to her... so here comes my Strawberry Tart
 & Yule Log

Strawberry Tart is one of my favourite deserts. I love the tart filled with strawberries, the custard & oh well the tart as a whole of course! If you plan ahead, this
desert can help you finish up your meal course on a light & fruit filled note.

Yule Log: This is the Christmas time favourite. Guaranteed to finish in moments after you cut the first slice. Especially so if you are a chocoholic. For those who'd prefer less of chocolate you can reduce the chocolate frosting that goes on top to give the real life tree look.

The l'le yule log is easy to make. Make a chocolate sponge cake in a baking tray & roll it up with a damp cloth on one side & the foil on the other, unroll once cooled. Make some chocolate frosting or you can use whipped cream to fill the inside of the sponge & roll once again. Place the seam side down on your serving platter & frost using chocolate frosting (or add some good quality cocoa powder to your whipped cream & use) & score using a fork to give the real tree like feel!

I'm sending these to Aliena's event as posted here: