Friday, March 13, 2015

New hobbies new ideas

I have noticed it before and now know for a fact that with every new hobby I pick up, I diversify from the original point of interest to something more. The desire to try something new using my new found skills, or even combining two seperate activities or hobbies into one, creating a merging point.
Of course it is not always possible to merge interests, but I have figured that more often than not, I am able to...
For instance, my interest in sewing started with the desire to simply create some outfits or dresses as per the pattern in my head. Then one day I was looking through my craft supplies and found some jute sheets in there.... An idea presented itself to me - why not create a lunch bag out of it? and I went ahead and sew the pieces to form a bag. Then it occured to me, I could make it more intersting by adding some embellishments, like sequins or using the acrylic / fabric paint to paint a flower or rose or something.
It is when I start spending more time in my craft quarter that I come up with more and more "can I try this? will this work" line of thought and I go ahead and indulge. Most of the time it comes out successful and at other times I'm presented with challenges I hadn't forseen. Which again gives food for thought - how can I handle this / avoid that to get the result I want.

Having ideas has a bad side to it (in my case)... I can't stop thinking / obsessing over every step I'd have to take to execute my idea and I absolutely need to do it for my brain to "breathe" again!


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