Friday, February 19, 2016

Penguins, Snowman and an arty mess

And so, it's time for my girl's school test and she is scared of art exam. Why you ask? Well she says her Sir told her she is not good at it... Hmmm... Gives Mumma something to think about/ intervene / worry? You think? I thought it might help if we 'practice' some before the test (which is two days away).
We checked a few penguins online and settled on one and Mumma drew for her first.
Mumma' s penguin:
Mumma's Penguin
My girl gave it her best

Then we moved on to snowman and here is what she drew

Then I felt like trying my hand at drawing something. I am by no means an artist and definitely not trained either ( which is evident in my drawings). There is no symmetry etc etc I get it... But I still like this crooked drawings of mine :-).


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