Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dinosaur... ROAR!!!

Yes! I made something today and it's easy to guess what that might be - A Dinosaur for my boy! We've been wanting to get a bunk bed for the kids for quite a while now and finally we ordered for one (yay!). And so, I heard the kids talking about their bed today and my daughter asked my son which toy he would want to hug while sleeping and he replied "Dinosaur" to which my daughter replied he can't take his plastic, noisy one and suggested Mommy could make him one :-). That girl of mine I tell ya! So the little fella asked me if I could make him a Dinosaur and sure enough I said yes! Piece of cake! Well, it was because I already had a green fleece which I knew I could use.

So off I went, got the fabric quickly drew a Dino outline and cut it and cut 4 tiny leg pieces and things just fell in place! Sewing the body piece didn't take much time. Sew all around, leaving about 2 - 3cms opening at the bottom of the Dino. We will stuff the Dino with the Polyfill through those 2 -3 cm wide opening. Once the Dinosaur is fully stuffed to your satisfaction, sew the bottom close. Hand sewing works the best in my opinion, however, I got lazy and I closed the opening using the sewing machine.

I had to add the eyes (buttons) and mouth and some spots on the Dino's body. All of that took time, but not too much. So here it is... my Dino

And there is Mumma's happy boy!

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