Friday, August 6, 2010

Been long

Mujaddara & Kabsa

Thoum, Hummus, Raitha, Marinated chicken & Khubus

The past week was a busy one. Had guests over and so I made some Khubus, Hummus, Thoum, Kabsa, Falafel, Tahini etc etc etc... This morning I tried out a recipe for Mujaddara. I've been in search of the name of a dish that I remember was served in Lebanese Flower, Abu Dhabi. Its part of the mixed grill platter but for heavens I can't find anything that closely resembles it. Its greenish colour, tasted like a mix or rice and lentil probably but this one had lamb pieces in it. Mujaddara was something that came close to the description so I decided to cook it and see. Well I must say I don't recall the exact taste, its been 2yrs since I've had that stuff :-S. Maybe one day, somehow i'll be able to find out the name of my mystry dish :-).

                                                   Apple Pie

This afternoon I made my very first apple pie from scratch. And it tastes good. I must state though I didn't use Granny Smith apples but the normal red ones. So I used only half the measure of sugar the recipe called for and still my pie came out more on the sweet'ish' side :-). I was so impatient that I didn't wait for the pie to 'set' before I cut it :-S. I love the cinnamon with apples smell and taste. Its yum! B is not fond of apples... must see what he'll say to the Apple pie :-D.

Couldn't wait till the pie had cooled down & cut it & the result...

Made chicken quiche with the left over pastry roll :-) didn't want to throw it away so I made quiche for dinner.

                                                            Chicken Quiche
Quiche just before going into the oven
Chicken Quiche, fresh out of oven


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