Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot chocolate cake

This is one chocolate cake which MUST be had hot & would go great with  a scoop of vanilla. Made this last evening.

4oz. Dark chocolate chopped ( I use selbourne)
4oz. Butter cubed
1/4 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Plain flour
2 Eggs (kept at room temperature)

1) Melt chocolate over double boiler. Once melted, remove from the flame.
2) Once chocolate is melted, add butter to it & let the butter melt in the heat of chocolate
3) Preheat the oven to 180C
4) Beat together the eggs & sugar till frothy & double the original quantity
5) Fold in the chocolate & butter mix to the beaten egg & sugar mixture.
6) Add the flour & mix
7) Grease a pyrex bowl & bake at 180C for 35-40mins.
8) Allow cake to cool in the bowl for 10mins & run a knife along the edge of the bowl.
9) Invert the cake over a serving plate & cut & serve with a vanilla scoop or butter scotch.

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