Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New beginning maybe? Projects to be completed

I've always wanted to put a label to the things I make and haven't been able to find a name that I like. And then one day while I was out, riding my bike, it came to me. I can't tell you what it is but maybe soon I'll be able to... I don't know how soon that soon will be.... And DH and I were discussing things over and we decided to buy a domain with the said name I came up with. I was excited! it didn't cost us much to get the domain but I still need a website to be set up and that costs money. So for the time being we are taking it slow. Maybe, I can reach a point where I can support the whole online ''store / shop" from the orders I take up or sales I do. It is a long shot and I'd love it for our family to have that extra income. But I'm not there yet and I don't know if I will get there, but I sure can hope for it.

In that line of thought, I thought I need to have an identifying symbol for my ''brand'... I want to do the logo, website look etc. I'm not good at drawings, but I know what I want. So one day last week I sat down and drew what I had in my head. I'll warn you, it isn't pretty or artistic... it looks like a child's work of art and I like that :-). I had help from two gorgeous sisters with their valuable input and the input of my long lasting friend - we go way back to college and ever since have stuck together. We got married, had kids at around the same time. I'm almost ok with the way that looks. Now I need a logo. I've been wanting to work on it, but haven't. Things came up at kids school, PTM, meetings, outing etc.

So what is next up on my agenda or list of tasks / projects to complete
1) Make a sleeve for sister's Mac
2) Make 2 drawstring bags for her kiddos
3) Make a clutch for a cousin's wife
4) Make a tote for self using the faux leather
5) And maybe a wallet using the faux leather

I've been very nervous trying to complete the sleeve for Mac, for the simple reason that I don't have a demo piece or something I can use to verify if the sleeve will fit. I thought of getting a demo piece using Thermocol sheet. Rain has been playing spoilsport... we've been having showers the whole day through that I can't go out. I hope the sleeve fits :-S. I've cut out the outer pieces and the foam sheet is ready, but I need the right zip. Been thinking if I should go to the market again for it. I need a few other knick knacks as well. Kiddos bag won't take long at all, but I've been holding back. I need to solve one problem before I can complete those. I don't have the tools I need and I've been debating on whether I need to get them or not. They don't fit my budget at the moment to be honest.I want to insert grommets, but don't have the tools.

In the meantime I've started on the extra large tote for myself. Yet to finish up the bag handle. I want it to look more professional, but  like I said before, I don't have the tools I need.
Clutch is the difficult one in terms of execution. I don't know if my machine can handle all the layers of that fabric and I can't afford to do a shabby job....

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