Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hers & His (Kiddie Fleece PJ)

So, I got some fleece fabric and decide to make something for the kiddos. December is right around the corner and it gets a little cold out here. I haven't made anything for my son in some time and thought it was just about time. It didn't take me awfully long to do this. 
I used clothes that fit the kiddos to draft out my pattern. I cut the fabric and got right to sewing. And the post is titled Hers and His because I made Her version first ;-)

So the first one I made was for "her" and this is how it looks.

A closer look at the top - I thought it would be nice to add their first letter to their PJs

 The Pant

Then I did "his" version... The kiddo agreed to pose for a few pics - Lucky mumma :D

Closer look at the Top - His "N" is different from hers

This fits my almost 3 yr old just fine :-)

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